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#50 - 69% chance to hit target! What could go wrong? Permanent death probably.

#49 - Very fast with lots of pixels! A highly definitive racer that defies physics.

#48 - In an alternate reality this game is about a red panda putting his rightful belongings into a safe.

#47 - What do you mean she's asexual and I can't romance her? How am I supposed to enjoy my time on these worlds now? Other than shoot things.

#46 - 3rd times the charm, or is it the 4th? Either way there's baddies in this city to punch and this time I brought my car. Many people wish I didn't but I did so shut up and just drive.

Gamerscore:20,000  -  Trophies:3,800 -  Nintendo Awards: -1

My Xbox Series S is my baby. It grew up into an X.