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kazuyamishima said:

With a new model, Mario party and Metroid, October 2021 is only up by around 50k-100k compared to October 2020.

Interesting numbers for sure.

Wouldn't surprise me if their numbers for FY2021 ended being lower than their forecast of 24m. 

Yeah but this is the biggest October in VGChartz history, so its still impressive.

mk7sx said:

Here was my US Oct 2021 guess last week after week 1.

mk7sx said:

On IB Benji says OLED is already highly supply constrained in the US.  Oct NPD numbers will be something. 

Quick guess:

Week 1 293K (225K OLED / 70K Other) < Using VGC's USA figure

Week 2 120K (60K OLED / 60K Other)

Week 3 120K (70K OLED / 70K Other)

Week 4 200K (120K OLED / 80K Other) < Fresh shipment at the end of the month along with Mario Party

700-750K, maybe higher.  Think it'll be fairly competitive with Oct 2020.

Actuals so far:

Week 1 293K

Week 2 138K

If VGC numbers hold up, the Switch NPD OCT 2021 has a solid shot at topping NPD OCT 2020.  Only needs about 300K in the next two weeks - all dependent on supply.

Actuals so far w/adjustments

Week 1 293K

Week 2 128K

Week 3 147K

Week 4 143K

Total 712,800.  Incredibly close to last October, most likely record in terms of revenue/spend and if there's upside to this estimate, we could be ahead of Oct 2020.

NSW 2020 was 736K.