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If the current sales pace is maintained (even with an annual decline that will certainly not be as sharp as the Wii's, both because it has more heavy third-party releases and because of the games that Nintendo itself is yet to release) and projecting that the Switch's successor should only be released between the end of 2023 and the end of 2024, I believe it will reach the milestone of 150 million units shipped. It's increasingly likely that it will come close to or even pass total PS2 and Nintendo DS sales.

Bonus question: considering the games that were also released on other consoles, Dragon Quest XI S was the one I liked the most; if only the exclusives are considered, Fire Emblem: Three Houses was my favorite.

It sounds good when you say "For the People", but what you really want is... a stronger army than the Knights, and the evil power to control the people.

(Ramza Beoulve, Final Fantasy Tactics)