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Farsala said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

Do you think you could boil this all down to a single number?  How much do you think Switch will sell lifetime?  If you want to break it down by region, that would be better, but really I am at least looking for one number.

As you wish. I am thinking more like 125-130m. But I will breakdown 130m.

Switch: 130m

Japan- 29m

Americas- 51m

Europe- 33.5m

Others- 16.5m

Yearly Breakdown as of Septermber 30.

2021- 92.86m


2023- 122m

2024- 126m

2025 and etc.- 130m

Switch should have another good year next year with no successor announced and good SW support, ~20m. Beyond that I am not sure how the years will go, but here is a tentative prediction.

Ok, I put our projections together in one table alone with the current shipments (in millions).  I'm assuming someone will bump this thread up in a year or so.

Sept 30, 2021Farsala LifetimeLaser Lifetime

One thing to keep in mind though is that Nintendo is forecasting about another 16m in shipments for the next two quarters.  That would put the total at around 109m at the end of the fiscal year.  That would mean they could only ship another 21m for the rest of their lifetime, which would be less than they'd ship for the current fiscal year (assuming Nintendo's forecast of 24m is accurate).  That is about the steepest cliff that I've ever seen anyone predict.