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Sogreblute said:
DonFerrari said:

Considering they created the PS PC label, I would say it is very likely for them to start to offer their PC Ports on the PS APP and online store. Could even end up with cross-buy options.

Microsoft does that and it's definitely an advantage to buy from them instead of Steam when you own an Xbox along with your PC (Xbox APP). Buy once and you get the PC (Xbox APP) and Xbox versions. You also get cross-save and shared achievements (if you care for those). Most PC gamers don't use the Microsoft Store even with this, and even before their games went to Steam. So even if Sony brought their games exclusively to their own PC Launcher and has cross-buy, I don't think they'll sell well. So it's best to offer their games on Steam (and GOG) along with their own storefront.

Wasn't focused on the how much it will sell extra, just that as you said for gamers that have both Hardware that would be an incentive to buy on their store. I know some people made use of cross save on PS3/PSP and PS4/Vita.

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