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SvennoJ said:

It does make you wonder, design for PC first, end result is sub optimal on consoles. Design on console first, end result tends to have issues on PC. Consoles are still different in significant ways when it comes to game engines. And now games on console can start relying on SSD read speeds, while PC releases tend to have to support HDD for now.

I hope no PSN sign in will stay as well. FS2020 has a lot of hoops that need to work, including XBox Live sign in. One day XBox Live was down or the game couldn't reach it, which resulted in getting signed out and not being able to play of course. Yet the worst part was that all my progress got reset after signing back in to XBL. Half the settings were gone as well, back to 0 flight hours. To play FS2020 I need to be signed in with my Microsoft account, XBL account and Steam account. Fun! Steam overlay, XBox game bar overlay, Windows of course, just a little overhead lol.

However, I imagine it will be required for cross-play at some point.

Whenever MS decide to get off their arses with DX ultimate and actually push it out for devs to make use of, then PC would likely be getting better use of SSD's (But I don't see that happening much since DX 12 has been a crapshoot for yrs now and apparently devs still don't know how to fully utilise it), but for now all they do is improve some game loading times and that's about it. 

Yeah, I'm not a fan of certain Xbox based games requiring the Windows Live sign-in (like Minecraft recently deciding to entirely do away with MJ accounts and now requiring full WL sign-ins).

At least when Steam goes down, I'm still able to play my games in offline mode, yet half these clients with their forced sign-ins don't provide such a feature, it's quite annoying (Main reason why I stopped using Uplay, and once HotS shuts down, I'll probably stop using Battlenet as well). 

Oh god, I had to disable Game bar, because that shit popped up at times when I didn't want it to, that and I'm a task manager resource sensitive guy, so I tend to disable anything Windows gaming related at any given time (also disable Steam overlay since I can use GeForce experience for an in-depth fps/stats counter if I need to use it). 

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