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kirby007 said:

Try and see what happens if you disable the overlays both steam and the xbox app allow that

They're not visible until you activate them, don't know if that means they're there or not.

The overhead from Steam is visible in the various steamwebhelpers that are running consuming over 600 MB of ram together. Not a problem since I upgraded to 32GB ram and since the XBox optimizations for FS2020. Before that, 16GB ram was a tight fit and every bit of 'waste' was unwanted.

The overhead from GameBar is negligible compared to Steam, only 31MB of RAM. It's still writing to disk and talking to a server, dunno why. GameBarLoggingSession.

The biggest 'competition' comes from MSMpEng or windows update. The other day it decided to get Windows 11 update ready for me (I found out later) while flying and everything was slow and sluggish. When it was done downloading/checking whatever it needed it finally asked me whether I wanted Windows 11 (no).

Anyway, just the stuff that comes along when playing on PC. I disabled and uninstalled all other fluff and services I don't need. For example background indexing for search and memory compression (just takes extra time, got plenty ram now) Just like TVs, windows needs a game mode!