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SvennoJ said:

How long does it take to make a proper PC port? I don't think Sony wants to start making multiplats and rather stick to ports as they have always done. (Concentrate on the best optimized version for ps5 first) So the turnaround time from PS5 release to PC port is how ever long it takes to make a proper stable port after the PS5 release had its day one patches.

Better to release a working version on ps5 first, then a working version on PC, instead of a work in progress on both at the same time. Or worse, develop on PC first then find out there are lots of bottlenecks on console like with CP2077.

Can't you buy PC versions from Sony directly atm? They have the psn store online, but I see there is indeed no PC segment under games, and no PC version for horizon zero dawn. Kinda odd, but you don't need a PS account for the Steam version I assume? I guess Sony really wants to keep it separate?

CDPR designed 2077 for no real specific platform as a target (since even PC has it's own issues), but it should have been a game aimed at PC/Current gen instead of last gen/PC/Current gen (which is still delayed).

You can design a game for PC first and have it scale down to what console can handle (which is what a lot of indie devs tend to work with, since they release on PC first or consoles at the same time, but primarily design for what works on PC).

If it were up to me, they'd be working out the kinks and issues with their PC ports, making sure each release is of premium polish (instead of hit and misses like we're getting with HZD, then Days Gone being alright, yet still suffering from weird hitching, and we don't know what GoW will end up like since it's not out yet and also outsourced). We know for the most part that with their uniformity, their console versions will be fine, but they do need to put more effort into cleaning up their PC releases, even if they are down the line. 

Sony doesn't require you to sign in or use a PSN account when buying their games on Steam, and I honestly hope it stays that way (we really don't need an extra hoop or layer of DRM on there, especially with late ports). 

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