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zero129 said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Kinda feels like PC gaming would need to take off in Japan for that to happen. Nintendo are still a very Japan centric company. Their push into mobile games shows they're at least willing to release on non-Nintendo platforms though. It does feel like it's more likely to happen at the moment than ever before.

I think the main reason for Sony and MS going to PC is Dev costs. The cost for the kind of games they are making are going to be even more this gen then last so imo one platform alone isnt enough to support the dev costs. Imo Nintendo has not yet even hit the dev costs of PS4/Xbox1, never mind what dev costs are going to be for proper nextgen Series X/PS5 games.

Not only dev cost, but the race for the bottom policy on the software side. The focus is on service and not selling games. Sony and Microsoft try to justify the pay online service and "given" games in this same service. The free game helps to race for the bottom policy, devaluation game in the eyes of consumers. 

I don´t see this, for a hardware manufactured, a good thing.