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Resident Evil 5 (single player): 4/10.

Freedom Planet: 4/10.

Rival Schools: 8/10.

Fight'n Rage: 9/10.

Final Fight LNS Ultimate: 10/10.

Cyber Shadow: 5/10.

River City Girls: 5/10.

Super Double Dragon: 2/10.

Top Gear: 5/10.

Super Mario RPG: 7/10.

Top Gear 2: 5/10.

Resident Evil 6: 1/10.

Ori and the Blind Forest: 4/10.

Resident Evil Revelations: 8/10.

Super Monaco GP (Master System): 4/10.

Phalanx (GBA): -/10.

Advanced Variable Geo 2: 8/10.

AD&D Shadow Over Mystara (1CC): 10/10.

Fable II: 4/10.

Maximo vs. Army of Zin: 6/10.

Kirby Super Star (Spring Breeze): -/10.

Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition (Mega Drive): 8/10.

Super Monaco GP (Mega Drive): 7/10.

Ar Tonelico: 5/10. The game features alchemy like Atelier games, but unlike those most items are obtained from shops and enemy drops. To get the best drops from each enemy the games forces you to play battles in a certain, slooooow way. Economy is unbalanced and you'll be short of money through all the game. I forgot how many times I did the infinite money trick in the latter half of the game.