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mZuzek said:
Slownenberg said:

And the game seems like it will be longer than I thought it would be. I tend to take my time exploring games and don't try to impress anyone with my quickness in beating a game, but I'm at 9:42 on the game clock and I feel like there is a decent amount of the game left. I was worried it'd be like a max 10hr game. Plus I guess there is a hard mode eh? I figured I'd play this once and that'd be it like most 1 player games, but I might actually play through it again on hard.

I mean... It does seem to last around 10 hours for most people, for me it was 8 and I don't think I was rushing it. Granted the timer resets when you die so the real number would be significantly higher for everyone.

Glad you're enjoying it so much, though. Personally while it was over quick for me, and while I haven't gotten too much into replaying it yet, I don't wish it was longer. The pacing just felt right for what it is.

Yeah I doubt there's like a ton left in the game. I have no idea what's coming but I'm assuming it'll be over in another two or three hours. But a ~12 hour game, with more time spent to 100%, and a hard mode that'll probably get me to come back for another run through, is a lot more than what I thought it would be. Plus of course my actual play time is a couple hours past what the clock says so I'm sure I'm already at 12 hours. Lots of dying on bosses, occasionally dying on EMMIs, and died three or four other times.

EDIT: Ah I was close to the end of the game. Got to the final boss after another 40 minutes, so I'm at 10h23m at the final boss, so yeah I guess it'll be about a 10.5hr game for me. But unlike most 1 player games I think I'll do at least a couple more run throughs so more than 10hr experience. Took one shot at the boss. Intense. Will try to beat the game tonight or tomorrow! Such a great game!

Last edited by Slownenberg - on 23 October 2021