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curl-6 said:
The_Yoda said:

looks like you and I are neck and neck.  you had been a bit ahead but i got to play for a while last night.


Just opened up the linked teleports, at 13 hours I'm now going back to 100% it before beating it.  At least that is the idea, some of the shinespark challenges are kicking my ass.

I took the day off yesterday cos I had work in the evening, so you'll probably beat it before me; I like to make games last so I only play for like a 40-45 minute stretch per day.

I won't be going for 100% myself but I'm definitely gonna go hunting for some energy tank parts before the final boss after all I hear about him being harder than a statue's nipples in winter.

I'd been playing in small chunks as well.  I don't think I'll have the time for a replay so I want to get it all knocked out this time.  I can only imagine the frustration starting over of being nerfed after I've just gotten used to how powerful she has become.