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GoOnKid said:
Slownenberg said:

I'm maybe like 2 hours in, so still early, but its a pretty darn cool game. I think it can definitely hold its own against some of the better Metroidvanias out there - I was worried a new Metroid wouldn't be able to stack up against the amazing indie Metroidvanias that have flourished this past decade but while this may not necessarily be the best of the best it is definitely up there among the better games in that genre. Metroid still kicks ass.

I've only ever played through Metroid and Super Metroid. This is making me really hope Nintendo adds GB and GBA to Switch Online so I can play through the whole collection on the Switch at some point. Then we just need a damn Prime Trilogy and Switch would be the ultimate Metroid system.

Well, I hope you are happy with your purchase. You were quite reluctant about it in the last weeks, and you never missed a chance to tell everybody how a 2D game should neeeeeeeeeever ever be charged full price. How do you feel now?

It's a real good game. I bought now just on a whim cuz I got it at $49 instead of like $63 (which is what it normally would cost with tax), so I did get it at over half the discount I wanted (was planning on buying it if it ever got discounted to $40). So I got it like 20% off what I would normally pay for a $60 game.

I'd still absolutely say no way it should have been $60. $40 feels right for it. Maybe $50 at launch, then drop to $40 once sales slow. $60 a bit silly, as I've previously stated. But what can I say I'm a Nintendo fan and haven't played a new 2D Metroid game since the mid-90s so in the end they got me!

Anyway, I didn't say a 2D game should "neeeeeeeeeever" be full price. Depends entirely on the game. But Metroid games are known as short games, so a 2D 10-15 hr game in 2021, when there's plenty of games just as good or better of similar gameplay and style that are $20-$30 and regularly go on sale for like $15, that just don't make sense. But it's $60 cuz it is Nintendo and you either buy it or wait a few years, I was gonna wait for bigger discount but picked it at a discount now anyways. I paid $49 knowing I was overpaying.

If this exact game were put out by any other company but Nintendo, I'd expect this to be priced at no more than $30 at launch. So that should answer your question.