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Hmm, I never realized my isp was 'unique' in giving details about data consumption. The lack of transparency kinda surprises me. Of course they also have limited data offers so they must track it and make it available for viewing just like on the phone plans.

It seems kinda pointless to raise concerns about data consumption (Eurogamer) when most people don't even have the tools to see their data consumption. Yet so far it 'evens out'. Another point in the study was that electricity consumption by data centers remains pretty much flat. So far the efficiency gains of better infrastructure cancel out the ever growing increase in usage. Not great news for planet, one step forward one step back, but prices can stay the same as long as the two cancel each other out. And it's actually 2 steps forward, 1 step back since energy production is slowly getting greener. (Although the giant pile of E-waste from replaced hardware shouldn't be ignored)

Global data is estimated to double about every 3 to 4 years.