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I download/stream something like 1 TB per month total with Verizon Fios 300 mbps down/up. The bulk of this is 4k streaming apps and YouTube TV/Netflix/Hulu. My partner has T-Mobile 5G Home Internet (150 mbps down/ 20 mbps up) and uses about 900 GB per month, also mostly 4k streaming on YouTube TV/Netflix/Hulu.

Probably only 10 - 30% of our data usage is on games 100 - 300 GB per month.

I buy most of my PS5/PS4 games physically. I mostly only use my Xbox Series X for GamePass, only play 360 games for it physically. Switch games I buy physically. PC games I buy digitally of course.

I would say my average game is much smaller than the 128 GB statistic though. Often I'll buy a single-player game and then download the repack if it is too large since I like to conserve storage space, and since my PC is my main platform it means the average game I download is something like 40-50 GB.