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There recently was an article on Eurogamer about Digital gaming and the climate
On page 2 they stated that a 128 GB physical game (one BDXL) has the same carbon footprint as downloading that 128 GB game.
(Basically digital downloads always have a smaller carbon footprint unless you re-install/re-download a game numerous times)

So I was wondering how many of those 128GB physical games I download each month. My provider neatly keeps track of my data consumption and it's and average of 1,228 GB monthly, or the equivalent of the carbon footprint of 10 physical games per month.

How much do you download/stream on a monthly basis?

Btw digital gets more efficient all the time while I assume the carbon footprint of discs might go up as physical becomes less used, thus losing the savings of mass production/distribution. The more one or the other is used, the more efficient it gets. (The study in the article is from 2019 so that 128GB figure is likely higher already, of course games keep getting bigger as well)

Anyone download/stream more than 4tb a month? Not even 10 years ago I was still on a 70GB monthly limit!

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 18 October 2021