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dx11332sega said:

It's not loved as much as Xbox 360 , Xbox Series is having a great start yes , but Xbox Series has to many Western games and lesser Japanese games except for AAA Japanese , XBox 360 did better because it had Japanese First Party Exclusives like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon and Decent amount of SHmups and other quarky games exclusive to Xbox 360 until Xbox Series Starts putting actually Japanese first party games and brings in few exclusive 3rd party japanese games then it'll outsell Xbox 360 , Microsoft first party is loaded with western games and Evil within feels western Microsoft needs to purchase the right Japanese 3rd party studio to truly entice Japanese crowd to beat Xbox 360 Lost Odyssey is too good Microsoft needs Something Like Atelier Ryza or someone as first party? 

These other Japanese exclusive games not shmup on Xbox 360 

Magna Carta 2

Phantasy Star Universe

Guardian Heroes

Dungeon Fighter Live 

Phantom of Inferno

Every Party 

Rumble Roses double XX

Microsoft's Own Japanese franchise (Ninety Nine Nights 1 and 2 )

etc , theres handful of other japanese games not on ps3 - ps5 

The first 2 years of X360 had plenty Japanese exclusives that either never showed on PS3 or took a long time (sure most received some polish and/or extra content, but well it was so long after that it didn't really matter) so yep that certainly helped push some X360 on Japanese markets.

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