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Xbox would need a pretty quick turnaround in Japan in order to surpass 360 sales, which weren't great either lol but around 1.5 million 360's sold in Japan last I checked isn't bad considering it's Xbox. That is the dream though for Microsoft. They're really pushing hard in the Japanese market. Prominent JRPG's are making their way into Game Pass and Sarah Bond announced Xbox had partnered with over 200 Japanese indie developers via the ID@Xbox program. Now that they own a Japanese studio in Tango Gameworks and are partnering with major Japanese studios like Kojima Productions, although idk if that deal has been officially signed, who knows what the future might hold.

Also Japanese gamers love mobile and handheld gaming, so Xbox Cloud Gaming might actually be bigger in Japan than consoles tbh.

We're still talking years though till Microsoft is able to make a dent in the Japanese market, but it is good that there is progress.