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We already know NS OLED launch did very well the week after the one of this thread, so no surprise about that.
But doom and gloom about PS5 that still having supplies issues couldn't outsell NS the week before new model's launch is funny. BTW PS5 sales won't be particularly surprising, as Sony already declared it secured enough components supplies to reach 22M PS5 sold by FY end, that's 31 March 2022, probably that's the minimum amount it secured, maybe finding more of them at the right price it will get some more supplies, but what counts for the highest selling weeks is how many units Sony will be able to build, ship and sell in the BF and Xmas season, with short supplies, what Sony secured puts an upper limit on what it will be able to sell in those weeks, as components shortages aren't likely to get completely solved before Xmas season ends.

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