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Slownenberg said:

Watched a few minutes of Dread on twitch yesterday. Not gonna lie it looks great. But a 2D Metroid that probably takes like 10-12 hours to play through ain't worth $60 to me. I really hope there will be a sale sometime next year to drop it to $40. Too much backlog to spend $60 on a 10 hour experience. Plenty of games on Switch I want to pick up just as much as Dread that are like $20 and occasionally $10-$15 on sale.

Well, you're free to value games however you like, but for me personally, time is more of a limit on my gaming than money. I would prefer 10 great hours (about as long as it took me) to something that is longer, but with a lot of boring dead time and grinding. Of course, I'm not opposed to a long game that is all good stuff, but I haven't found that many games longer than 20-25 hours that don't have a large about of grind.