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Leynos said:
JWeinCom said:

Fuck these elitist haters. McDonald's is delicious. 

Rarely eaten there but each time was miserable. In HS me and a friend got a burger. Got back to school. He took a bite and was very pink inside it. He vomited.  A year later it was the only place on long road trip. We went through drive through. All got food poisoning. I didn't touch them until about 2014 me and my mom went to one in a Walmart.  I figured hard to mess up chicken. It was the hardest piece of chicken patty ever with no taste. They gave me no sauce or lettuce on the buns and the buns were stale. Not long ago I read those touch screen drink machines have a lot of fecal matter on them as people don't wash their hands. So literal shit and poison is what that place serves.

Based on my personal experiences and the volume of business, your experiences to the extent they are not exaggrerated are anomalous. You could argue that people have bad taste, but seriously doubt people are repeatedly going to give themselves food poisoning.

As for fecal matter, pretty much anything that people touch is going to have bacteria that is also found in fecal matter (don't believe they'd be able to test to see if that's exactly where it came from). So if you are against any form of self services, then fine but not a McDonalds issue. The touch machines are actually far safer in that regard because nothing you're touching should actually be touching the nozzle the drink comes out of. But, if you're really that concerned, ask for a drink from the cashier directly (most restaurants should have one behind the counter for drive thru orders) as less people touch it and employees should be washing their hands. Of course there's always bottled water.