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People are always doubting PlayStation sales potential. It happened last generation and PS4 kept breaking sales records. Every financial report shocked people and even upset some. The same thing is already happening with PS5 financial report's. It's pretty funny to watch.

There's really no reason why PS5 won't sell as much, if not more, than PS4. It's already selling more sales aligned.

You can't say it's because of supply problems increasing demand. The demand was already bigger than PS4's before it launched. Definitely not the scalpers excuses, software sales prove that. I see the other excuse was brought up too;PS4 had the generation easy. I don't think you realize how ridiculous that sounds. Sony's worse generation, the PS3, still saw that console selling 90M. The PlayStation brand huge. Now Bigger than it's ever been. An average generation for Sony is 90-100M. It's not logical to expect the PS5 to only sell 100M. Historical data tells us this is unlikely to happen.

Lastly, i see people mentioning Switch still outselling PS5 in it's lowest sales week. Funny how the supply contrained excuse is used for PS5 artificial high demand but it isn't used for the reason why Switch is currently selling more than PS5. I would think the console that's not readily available would naturally not outsell the other platform that is.

You should be wondering what PS5 sales are going to look like once stock is normal if sales are still this high with limited stock almost a year after launch.

Last edited by Pionner - on 13 October 2021

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