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Leynos said:

You upgrade and get better cars and stats. It's a pretty decent game for being free.

If you write it about Real Racing 3, yes, I agree, its messy management interface is a small flaw that can be easily forgiven thanks to the good engine, nice tracks, good enough physics and huge choice of cars and events.
But in Asphalt 9 case, no, not even the widest car choice can make me forgive a sloppy and uninteresting engine that doesn't even minimally give me the feel of driving, particularly considering that better racing engines have been made in the past, with less technical and financial resources, and even on free games.
I can forgive a very limited engine in some 2D drag racers, where the fun part is actually upgrading and tweaking the cars, and starting well and timing nitro and shifting as precisely as possible is challenging anyway, but in a 3D racer I WANT to drive the car, not watch it doing things on which I have little or no control at all.

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