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Been playing since launch. And I’m way above the 10 hours mark. That being said, I love exploring to find everything, going back to earlier locations as soon as I get a new skill or something to deliver back to the village, so that may be why.

The game looks gorgeous and has lots of charm. Bosses are on the cheap side though, them having all the abilities to hit you very quickly no matter where you are, and they are more often than not relentless. Which can get frustrating. The game requires you to master parrying as soon as possible but the complete lack of cue to let you know what the window to trigger it is makes it very difficult to rely on that in favour of dodging, which in turn isn’t always reliable against bosses who can swipe some of their attacks at you almost no matter where you are in their battle arena.

This is still a very commendable first effort by the studio and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.