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Kyuu said:
mjk45 said:

What needs to be considered is the reason behind any acquisition if it to protect themselves from losing access to 3rd party titles then a full acquisition isn't the only option. they could hold enough stock to prevent a takeover whether that's by owning a 51% stake or make alliances, another strategy would be to lengthen existing publishing deals and for non published content the use of more general contracts based on ensuring future content.

I doubt Sony is gonna pay a few billion dollars for something as humble as securing the mutiplats they're already getting. Would make more sense to add a few more billion dollars and gain 100% the revenue and complete control.

"Okay, Capcom no longer supports our platform because [insert platform-holder] bought them to promote their platform (like Zenimax!). We respond by making all of our Square Enix products exclusive."

It's the shit from nightmares, but not entirely impossible. Gaming is arguably Sony's core business now.

Now neither scenario is ideal but the alternative question is now Ms has started the ball rolling why spend even more billions on one or two companies that you don't really want, only to have things snowball, when you can go a more cost effect route by targeting your resources across a broader number publishers/studios using a range of strategies to secure a larger number titles, especially when you don't know what and where MS may be targeting.

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