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src said:
gtotheunit91 said:

Square has been friendly with Xbox as of late, so idk if they would ever consider outright selling. If Guardians of the Galaxy flops and with Crystal Dynamics getting cozy with The Initiative, I can see Square selling their Western division to Microsoft. It’ll then drop the price of Square if Sony decides to purchase the rest of the company outright.

FF16 - timed exclusive

FF7R - timed exclusive

Forspoken - timed exclusive

Babylon - console exclusive

KH and Nier could also be timed exlcusive.

Pretty much their entire Japanese division is all in on Playstation. How can anyone call this close with Xbox LOL

SE would never sell Crystal Dynamics, they make Tomb Raider an incredibly strong IP.

Sony has $40B in cash. They can buy SE in cash the next day lol

Microsoft could buy Sony and SE the next day, what's your point? lol

I like how you actually pointed out that all the TIMED exclusivity making your point pretty useless lol

I'm obviously not meaning in the same way Sony is, but Square has been bringing a lot of unexpected games to Game Pass, which is great to see a partnership in some capacity. It's pretty awesome seeing Xbox embracing more of the Japanese market.