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Wii Games vs Ring Fit Adventure

  1. Wii Sports - 3.724.565
  2. Wii Fit - 3.561.787
  3. Wii Sports Resort - 3.165.464
  4. Ring Fit Adventure - 2.843.132 

Holiday quarter coming up so by end of the year Ring Fit will be above 3.2 million, could very well overtake Wii Fit if Nintendo provide enough supply for the holidays. Next year the game should also overtake Wii Sports on it's way to 4 million lifetime sales by the end of 2022. 

Ring Fit Adventure Annual Sales:

  • 2019: 495.639
  • 2020: 1.591.366
  • 2021: 756.127

I think the game is going to finish with close to 1.3 million sales this year at minimum. OLED launch will be able to either confirm this by seeing a big week for Ring Fit or disapprove this, if it doesn't see a big spike in sells

In terms of WW results, I think that Nintendo can easily ship over 4 million units World Wide and hit my other prediction of 15 million for the year by end of 2021. Ring Fit could definitely be another evergreen and reach over 30 million sales lifetime on the Switch if Nintendo doesn't cut it's legs via a sequel too early. Next year Ring Fit will also likely benefit from it being the peak of software sales on the system, especially if they can scale production to meet demand, which they haven't been able to do so far, as the game is selling entirely based on how much units they ship.