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I get why everyone chases mobile.
Its low effort high rewards.....

But man it just sucks, seeing companies do this (nintendo did it, Xbox did it... now sony is joing in).

Rather see them do 4-5 times the budget and make a console game instead.
I know, in terms of profits, its probably not as attractive, but theres more to makeing games, than just makeing a quick buck.

or do like nintendo does.

Artstyle and cutsy characters, forget about insane photo realism, texture work, storytelling, voice acting ect.
NIntendo probably makes games that cost like 1/5th of what Xbox or Playstation does, on its big AAA titles.
They re smart, they figoured out how to maximise profits, by game direction.

I rather see xbox or playstation try for a more nintendo like, approach, than have to resort to mobile games.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 20 September 2021