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Eagle367 said:

Vote NDP people. Both conservatives and liberals are bad and do nothing. What will O'Toole do? More oil pipelines and make bill 21 from Quebec national? What is Trudeau doing? Will he finally increase universal healthcare to include dental and pharmacare? Don't think so, the green leadership right now is a mess. NDP is the best option by default unless some particular NDP candidate is really bad. Their platform is the best and Jagmeet Singh is the best leader in Canada right now

I also thinks the NPD as the better platform but I little on the (we have no chance so we promise every thing) side. They actually had a shot in 2015( leading in early polls) at forming a government but then Trudeau came and the grannies and aunties found him to be 'cute' so they voted for him in droves.

They had my vote in the 2011 and 2015 election but then was unhappy with their decision to oust Thomas Mulcair which was a good Leader IMO.
In the 2015 election the NPD still retained 44 seats which was more than they were used to, before Jack Layton an the orange wave, so the decision to oust him was kind of dumb to me.

Jagmeet Singh is great I grant you that, but I can't explain why he retained his position after the abysmal 2019 result from a party that ousted someone who had way more favorable results in the previous election. The only reason I could think of was for fear from their own party member of being painted as racist would they dare to ask him to step down. But perhaps this though is only a perception caused by the fact the media rarely mention Jagmeet Singh outside election except in story which involve racism, which is sad.

For me the Bloc will get my vote this time as I believe a strong Bloc is better for Quebec in minority government. but would the NPD ever rise again like they did in 2011 - 2015 I'll be voting for them again.  

For the liberals I won't paint them as do nothing but certainly as corrupted as f***. However I greatly support the federal Carbon tax they've put in place as I believe it is the most efficient and easy measure to put in place to combat climate change. The amount per ton of CO2 is a little on the low side though, I would have started at $50 instead of $20 and rose the amount 10% every year we did not get to our emission target and another 10% if the country global emission rose from the prior year.

Conservatives are also corrupt, I don't think they would want a national Bill 21 though, they are very much Catholics themselves are the party that shows the least amount of separation from religion. While O'Toole have pledge to keep the carbon tax, I have no doubt they would reduce the amount until it is pretty much meaningless.

Last edited by EpicRandy - on 17 September 2021