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Is the new cooling better? worse? does it make a differnce?



SOC Mid_Back 2021: 71.7 -> WORSE
SOC Mid_Back 2020: 67.9    (*note: he mentions he reapplied the liquid metal, and did a better job than sony here) (so maybe real differnce is less)

Mem1 Top 2021: 74.8. -> BETTER
Mem1 Top 2020: 78.0

Mem4 Top 2021: 82.4. -> BETTER
Mem4 Top 2020: 86.3

Mem3 Bottom 2021: 87.4. ->WORSE
Mem3 Bottom 2020: 86.9

VRM MOSFET 2021: 67.4. -> BETTER
VRM MOSFET 2020: 73.0

Sounds like the guy from Gamers Nexus was actually most worried about the Memory and VRMs temps, when it comes to how long your console will last. In that sense the newer model, is actually better?

What do you guys think?
Seems like a big nothing burger lol.