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twintail said:
Manlytears said:

Anime and Mobile gaming. Kadokawa is an extremely close partner with Sony, and yes, in the big business of Anime creation (especially with the increase in the streaming market) and Mobile game (especially gacha games) they have a big market in common.
Forget Fromsoftware (which is just icing on the cake), Sony buying Kadokawa, or at least securing a strong partnership, makes a lot of sense in many markets for both companies.

The problem with buying Kadokawa is that they operate over 50 subsidiaries. They don't just publish light novels and manga, but children's books, magazines and literature, too. Their other businesses contain school development and operation, marketing consultancy with JPN-CHN businesses, education software, travel planning, ICT consulting and data analysis. 

Sure, there are aspects to Kadokawa that would fit into Sony's portfolio easily, but Kadokawa would have to be willing to let go of those individual revenue streams.

A spin-off is possible, but very unlikely.

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