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I'm from Quebec and i'm glad someone from the outside of this country pointed out how little absurd that first question was. I a do not wish for Quebec to seperate because i love Canada. Just came back from a trip to Toronto and i love it there. Forced to say Quebec really stands on it's own for their values and vision. People in Quebec really pushed religion early on and were in the first to push for rights and equality. The majority of the population agrees on these laws Bill 96 and 21 to protect our language which is surrounded back english literally everywhere. Find it kinda dumb some people don't understand how we want to keep our culture in check. And the other one, to remove religion from some fields like cops, doctors etc. It's not about not wanting to see a sign of another religion in these places, it's that we literally voted to remove catholic symbolism in many places few years ago and are trying to remove it from some key establishment that shouldn't be represented by religion , so it only make sense for everyone to go under that rule.

Sometimes Quebec is in the wrong for sure and i don't think these bills are the most correct options, but still the way this question was asked at the very start is laughable. The way they kept making fun of him as well during the debate too. I did hate how Blanchet compared the rejection we face in Quebec from the rest of Canada to the first nations which we clearly don't have it that bad.