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DonFerrari said:
Dallinor said:

That should be incredibly obvious why.

What's the reason they buy studios in the first place? If they can just make third party deals? Why does Playstation studios exist?

Obviously, complete control of the IP, tech and development. See how years of mismanaging studios has affected MS and their IP. (Bungie, Epic, Remedy etc.) They can grow teams, share the tech and have multiple studios working on the same project etc. Third party studios are freelance, they will go with the best available deal. They can also leverage prices higher and higher depending on the value of their service. Nothing is guaranteed and they don't have the same level of control over development. We've also seen multiple high profile third party deals fall through. 

Completely wrong. Of course these companies are a threat. They're consolidating the open market and definitely have long term plans- that could include their own console or streaming service. 

Incorrect as well, just because MS commit funds does not mean they dominate. Plenty of examples of huge failures on MS' part, despite an open check book. 

You don't seem to have a clue about the financials of either company-pure speculation based on the notion MS: Rich, Sony: Poor and the fallacy that unlimited funding leads to control of a market. Sony have committed to spending $18.39 billion on strategic investments over the next 3 years. They've never been healthier, more cash flush and or as active in investments as they are now. The fact they've just bought 3 studios and are obviously out muscling MS on third party deals and advertising should tell you as much. 

I don't think any of the recent studios were at risk of MS making a play for them, but Embracer group? definitely. 

From what we know the studios MS gone after were either struggling, already had long history with MS or were multiplatform. We haven't even heard of they going after any studio that was mostly developing for Sony.

And we know as you said of Read at Dawn with Facebook and there is also Quantic Dream with Tecent from studios very tied to Sony.

Sony made a mistake with RAD. Could have been a great VR studio and given Sony by far the best VR dev team: London studio, Asobi, PD, Insomniac, Firesprite and RAD.

Imo Sony's next partners for acquisition could be Bluepoint, Arrowhead, KJP (if Kojima wants to be acquired), From Software and maybe Media Vision if the rumours of them working on a PS JRPG are true and it turns out well.