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Zippy6 said:
Vodacixi said:

I guess you had a custom 3DS that could handle 1080p/60fps graphics made just for you. Because this looks nothing like a 3DS game. 

I said looks like it started as a 3ds game, not that it looked like a 3ds game now. Gees. It's graphically one of the worst looking games made by Nintendo on the switch.

Does this really look like a game that started developement on a console like... 50 times weaker than the Switch? I'm sorry, but that statement sounds like trolling. That or you don't actually know what a 3DS is. 

Btw, the game is not actually made by Nintendo. That would be Mercury Steam. But even if it was made by Nintendo, I think visually speaking it nicely falls on the category of games like Kirby Star Allies or New Pokémon Snap. Games that, while not graphical marvels, are very pretty on their own right. 

It's far from the worst Nintendo has pulled of on the Switch anyway. Fire Emblem Three Houses, Animal Crossing New Horizon or Pokémon Sword and Shield look inferior to me...