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Vodacixi said:
Zippy6 said:

I swear this must have started as a 3ds game or something. Those graphics are so rough.

But I'm not a fan of 2d metroidvania games, and I'm sure people who are probably aren't the type to care too much about it looking so dated. Hope it gives something fans of the series can love.

I guess you had a custom 3DS that could handle 1080p/60fps graphics made just for you. Because this looks nothing like a 3DS game. 

I said looks like it started as a 3ds game, not that it looked like a 3ds game now. Gees. It's graphically one of the worst looking games made by Nintendo on the switch.

Clearly I wasn't saying it was running at 240p. *face palm*

Almost every game Nintendo has made for the Switch is visually far more polished than this. This looks like it has a very low budget and it shows. Anyone that thinks this is a good-looking game must be a huge metroid fan. This isn't up to Nintendo's usual quality at all.

But like I said in my first post, I'm sure lots of people will still love the game, graphics aren't everything. I know there is a passionate fanbase behind metroid which explains everyones defensive reaction.

Last edited by Zippy6 - on 02 September 2021

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