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victor83fernandes said:

Ill get this because its for free, but I'd not pay full price, its just a 2d metroid, and with the power of the switch I still see aliasing there, disappointing. The 3ds metroid was good, but nothing special, got repetitive quick. I just wanted a metroid prime 4 or a remaster of the trilogy. You'd think with the huge sales of the switch, Nintendo would take the opportunity to pump out these games, because there's huge sales potential. Where's prime4? Where's pikmin 4? Where's mario kart 9? almost 4 and half years since launch and still no mario kart? The same with a 2d mario game, the wiiU had one on launch day and it was my all time favourite mario 2d, the wii also had one, and so did the 3ds. And where smash bros? No smash bros the entire generation?

The switch is the most successful Nintendo console ever, they should take it seriously. It feels like Nintendo is just relaxing this generation. Mario tennis was disappointing compared to the previous ones, mario golf was just horrible. A whole generation without a new Donkey kong? A whole generation without Star fox?And what happened to wave race or F zero? What happend to pilot wings? 

What is nintendo doing? Arent they supposed to make games?

I agree that Nintendo should be making more games, but going to the extent of dismissing games because they are just 2D is disgusting. I don't get the 2D game = / = worthy of full price argument. That's not how game markets work. Video games are regularly sold with wildly different budgets, amounts of content, and play experiences all for $60. Sure, we have a "standard" that more or less fits into the idea of "Triple A game". But even that doesn't necessarily leave out Dread, provided the game is long enough to have a high budget for a 2D title (not like Nintendo games aren't super tightly budgeted anyways). If Pilot Wings came back I don't think that'd showcase the Switch any better than this game honestly. $60 price tags have always been inconsistent in what they get you across the industry. 

Saying that you "just wanted" a Prime Trilogy ... I mean, come on. Really, a port over an original game? You'd put down an original game in this context just because it's 2D? That's lame man. 

And while I personally wish Nintendo would implement anti-aliasing, something worth noting is that all the most demanding Switch games tend to not use anti-aliasing. It's a personal decision by Nintendo, and if I had to guess, one that they recommend for third party developers they are working with closely. If I recall correctly, Monster Hunter: Rise, Astral Chain, and just about any big Nintendo game (including Odyssey and BOTW) don't have anti-aliasing systems. It seems to me like a sign that a developer knows where the systems priorities should lie for their game, not something that is inherently bad.