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Jpcc86 said:

S Tier/Godly Tier/Faye Reagan Tier

- Naughty Dog
- Santa Monica Studios
- Insomniac Games
- Sucker Punch Productions

A Tier/Semi-Godly Tier/Evelyn Claire Tier: 

- Polyphony Digital
- Guerrilla Games (Close to S Tier)

B Tier/Pretty decent Tier/Lexi Belle Tier:

- Housemarque 

C Tier/Not bad, but not particularly good tier/ Stella Cox Tier:

- London/San Diego Studios 

Unknown Tier/Abella Danger Tier:

- Team Asobi (never played anything by them and honestly im not interested)

Team Asobi is what remains of Japan Studios, and recently made the Astro Playrooms, Astro Rescue, and some other games.

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