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Zippy6 said:
h2ohno said:

Pretty much locked 30 FPS where the 7th gen versions were very often below 25 FPS.

We beat the 2006 consoles! o/

Yes, it is still impressive and interesting that a device that pulls 18W from the wall at most and which released in 2017 is outperforming, by a decent margin, devices that pull 120W - 280W when trying to run a game that was designed with 2013 hardware in mind. That is why Digital Foundry, people interested in technology as their occupation, made the video in the first place. 

JRPGfan said:

Looks better than the PS3, impressive for a "mobile chip" as digital foundry says.

Still, I cant help but feel like why is it being compaired to a 2 gens old console?
Where is the comparison to the PS4/PS5/XB1S/XSX+XSS/PC ?

Because the Switch version of the game is using these platforms as a base? 

Let's not pretend Digital Foundry doesn't compare Switch to its competitors in other contexts where it makes sense.