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victor83fernandes said:
konnichiwa said:

BC was always a thing with Xbox, the handfull xbox games that you could buy digitally were available to play on your 360 with your account and the bc 360 program was in the works while the 360 was doing great.  The Wii was praised for its VC so criticising the Switch for not having it is fair. I really don't understand how people can call 'the ability to play games you bought before on your new console' a weakness. It should be mandatory by now.

360 was not doing great by then, ps3 was catching up real fast even tough they released the ps3 1 year after the 360. Backwards compatibility was also very slow, just a few games every few months.

The wii was also not doing great by the time of VC, the wii sold a lot to casuals in the first couple years. But the wii was never praised at all for the VC, maybe if you read the gaming news yeah, but most people who had a wii were casuals who didn't even know about it.

But that's besides my point anyway. My point is, Nintendo doesn't need to bother, money will be coming in with little to no effort. There's more money to be made with remasters than VC.

At this point you are just trying to make stuff up to protect Nintendo don't you think it is sad?

1 We are on a sales site and the PS3 did not surpass the Xbox 360 till the end of its generation and is sure not my definition of catching up fast.

2 By august 2006 (10 months after xbox 360 release) the number of bc games was almost 300, or almost 30 games a month => 
Your few games a month is the same 'few' that haters of the Switch like to use to talk about only a 'few' yearly nintendo games released.

3 BC was huge on forums, the PS3 announcement and the ability to play PS1/PS2 games on it was applauded by fans, the VC announcement also announced in 2006 was even more applauded. Fans loved the idea to play games from consoles they never owned or games they lost on the Wii etc. It became even a huge discussion between VC and PS3's BC...Which one is better.

4) Your last comment is obvious but also a sad one, it's exactly like the troll comments 'Nintendo doesn't need to make adopted controllers for disabled people because it would hardly make any money'