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CaptainExplosion said:

Look, I get it, you don't like piracy, no company likes piracy, and the guy you're shutting down was really sketchy, but Nintendo, you haven't done hardly jack shit to preserve your older games library.

Instead of Virtual Console the Switch has a substandard subscription system that was last updated with games nobody even remembered or cared about, you made Super Mario 3D All-Stars a limited release for some bullshit reason, same with the long-awaited English version of the original Fire Emblem, and there is still no word on new systems coming to Switch Online.

Nintendo's thinking is as backwards as ever. -_-

I have hundreds of NES, SNES, and Gameboy games on the WiiU, almost entire series of games. Should have bought a WiiU, it had a strong Virtual console, unfortunately it was tied to a console that many people voted with their wallets that they didn't want ...  so goodbye MiiVerse, goodbye Virtual Console.  I'm glad I didn't miss out.  I can fire up the WiiU and play Excite Bike or one of half a dozen Mega-Mans or half a dozen Castlevanias, half a dozen Zeldas, Marios, ect.  I spent big while it was available and now have a very nice library of legal NES, SNES, Gameboy, GBC games.

I don't think Nintendo is any different than Disney, they make stuff available for a while then let it slip back into the vault.  It isn't lost forever it is under lock and key until the next time they want to monetize it.