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I was disappointed when Nintendo announced a new Wario Ware, because that means no new Rhythm Paradise (Heaven for you fellow americans) for at least some time. Rhythm Paradise is one of my favourite franchises ever. The amount of fun and joy that every minigame provides to me is unmatched. I don't know... When I play those games... I feel happy.

They are probably the best example of what Nintendo claims they want to acomplish: "Put smiles in people's faces". Soviet russian birds training under the snow... a watch powered by tiny monkeys... A dog and a cat playing badminton on fucking airplanes... a ninja protecting his lord from the enemy clan... a bear chopping wood for some weird cats.... Every minigame in this series is just absolutely genious. I can't help but to smile when I see them for the first time for how awesome and clever they are.

I wish once they are done with Wario Ware they give us a new RP game for the Switch. It's one of the few things the console is missing in my book.