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Jaicee said:

Here's the Conservapedia entry on video games. As you've probably guessed, most of it's about how playing video games leads to obesity, heart attacks, dropping out of school, mass murder, and, worst of all, atheism in teenage boys and young men.

...But. None of that except Atheism is me. (Not my fault Theists can't find evidence for their claims.)

badskywalker said:

Yeah I remember in English Sophomore year (so like 2 years ago), one of my friends was talking about antifa or something and pulled up the conservapedia article. He of course didn't realize it (or so he claims) but I read a few sentences and detected something was off.
Wikipedia's adjectives are typically things that are agreed upon by the vast majority of people and often are just facts, like descriptions of something.
Conservapedia's use of adjectives meanwhile is used to belittle ideas and is less objective.

Wikipedia's articles tend to be built from verifiable pieces of information via citations... And if you have a better piece of evidence, you can happily go rewriting an article to more accurately reflect that.
Thus Wikipedia is impartial to progressive/conservative views, it all comes down to the evidence you use as a source.

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