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The_Liquid_Laser said:

Even after Nintendo releases the successor system, Switch will keep selling. The 3DS kept selling decently even after the Switch released, because it was still supported even after the Switch released.

1. They kept supporting the 3DS because the Switch wasn't viewed as a direct successor to it. They'll drop support for the Switch like a sack of bricks when the successor comes out, just as they dropped the wii/ds when 3ds/wiiu came out, and basically every other console they've made. Nintendo only focus on the latest system.

2. The Switch wasn't backwards compatible, if you wanted to play 3ds games you need a 3ds, the switch successor should be backwards compatible so that will damage Switch sales once it's replacement comes out.

3. There was a big difference between 3ds and Switch. You could pick up a 3ds model for $100 while the Switch was $300, they catered to different markets with their different price points. The price difference between Switch and it's successor will probably be much smaller. I don't see the Switch getting price cuts to make it a valid purchase over Switch 2. Just like the PS4 hasn't been cut in price and isn't worth bothering with now.

Those are my reasons that I don't personally expect high Switch sales after it's replacement is released.  With a Switch 2 on the market there will be zero reason to buy a Switch unless they price the older console aggressively, which they won't.

Now for my expectations, 130m I guess.

Last edited by Zippy6 - on 07 August 2021