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My actual guess is somewhere around 140-145m. I think Nintendo has positioned Switch as a platform that will be around for much longer than their consoles generally are. 2024 is the absolute earliest we'll see a successor, and I honestly think it might not even come until 2025. Given how long it'll continue to be on the market, there's no way it'll be anything under like, 130m, especially at the current pace. (2022 should continue to be a really strong year for Switch sales between the OLED model still being relatively new, TONS of heavy hitters and probably more we don't know about, and a slight price cut being possible) Sales may start to really slow down in 2023 and onward, but I can't imagine it'll be to a point where it can't still hit at least 10m per year in 2023 and 2024. And more than likely it'll end up being higher than that anyway. (Not to mention some late sales in 2025 and maybe 26??)