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BraLoD said:
mjk45 said:

Do they make brown paper bags that big ?

According to Sony the PS5 is 390mm (15.4in) x 104mm (4.1in) x 260mm (10.2in):

Amazon has this 17in x 7in x 12in brown paper bags that can fit a PS5 on it:

So yeah, they do make it that big.

Which means I'll be waiting for the brown paper bag with a PS5 inside shipping from you to me in the near future. Thank you.

I tried but unfortunately I received a message from the post office that after undertaking the covid 19 test that is mandatory for anyone leaving the country, the PS5 tested positive and was sent into 14 day hotel quarantine, but it has since been found to have torn a hole in the bag and jumped/fallen over the hotel rooms balcony and is now on the run from authorities.

I made a warranty claim but Sony said covid 19 wasn't covered so I can't replace it, but the good news is once the torn paper bag receives a negative test and comes out of quarantine I will repair it with sticky tape and send it to you.

Last edited by mjk45 - on 06 August 2021

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