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Honestly, Russell Westbrook is a terrible fit for the Lakers. Unless ge can prove to be a much better pure point guard than he seems.

Imho, the Lakers whole strategy of pursuing a point guard has been flawed from the beginning because they already HAVE one of if not the best point guard in the league. His name is Lebron James. They won a championship behind him as their point guard and I feel putting him more squarelt at the point will help his increase his longevity.  But for some reason that is beyond me they refuse to replicate that. They should have been looking for a 2 guard or a small forward, not a point guard.

Edit:  Also, the Lakers biggesr struggle is 3pt shooting and they just gave up two guys who shot 41% and 36% last season for a guy who just shot 31% and whose highest ever 3pt percentage was 34%.  

Last edited by Nuvendil - on 29 July 2021