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Doesnt look like PS4 or XBO will gain any more positions.

Switch will pass NES in 5 weeks, & will be closing in fast on PS4 by the end of the year (if it doesnt pass it in December it will in January)
GBA & PS should be overtaken in the first half of 2022, and GB during holiday quarter. There is a chance it could catch the Wii in 2022 if the momentum continues after this year, but I am doubtful so would expect it to be 2023.
passing the X360 will depend on when Switch runs out of steam, I think it's about 50/50 at the moment as my expected LTD for Switch is 45-55million for NA

PS5 & XS/X should end the year around Wii U level (currently I would expect PS5 to move up into 21st, then Wii U then XS/X in 23rd) Little early to tell when will happen next year, both will definately be over Wii U of course, & both have a chance at overtaking the GC, but XB is out of reach.


Not the focus of your thread, but In the end for Switch I am expecting it to be:
3rd overall for North America
5th in Europe (between PS3 & GB, though obviously the PS5 will eventually push it down to 6th)
3rd in Japan
might clinch 2nd in the RoW region, but PS5 could best it here as in Europe.