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A slow motion play-by-play position called race is what this will be.  No detailed charts or overly complicated analysis from my part (feel free to add your own).  North American platform numbers will be the only thing tracked (*Canada and USA).  Guesses on which weeks, months, or years on which platform will overtake another is welcome.  I will update positions as they change and they will be based on VGChartz's charts.

Cracking into a top 5 spot appears to be feat that was only achievable in the past, much less making the podium of the top 3. But it would be exciting to see that change.

As more horses enter the race in time, more positions will be tracked, but for now it will just be the top 29 that data is provided for. For example: Sega Saturn is tracking in last place in the 29th spot, but that will drop to 30th when Switch 2 enters and so on and so forth for other hardware down the road. 

There are times that a platform moves up some spots or others get knocked down a peg and no mention is made of it.  Purpose of thread is to make those mentions.

Thread title is subject to change as updates occur.

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