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Mr Puggsly said:
The_Yoda said:

What a bigoted view on the police.  Swap out the word Hispanic for police in that sentence and see how palatable it is:

You are encouraging trust, but I simply ask for the Hispanics to show that they deserve it. Until then, it is not the cities who deserve their problems, it is the Hispanics who deserve theirs.

A popular left leaning idea is anything bad done by individual police officers has to be owned by all law enforcement.

The simple response someone would make to your argument is nobody chooses to be Hispanic, but people do choose to be police officers. However, the left attacks people for being white and their "privilege" that comes with it.

I assumed I would see that argument.  While it does hold some water the point can be made that police officers don't get a choice in who other police officers are.  A town cop in Ohio has no power to affect who is a State Trooper in California but yet the trust in his office is also eroded by a bigoted view. Being a bigot in it's simplest form has nothing to do with race ( although it of course can when race has to do with the GROUP that is on the receiving end of the prejudice).