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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Thanks for the explanation!

You're welcome.

One thing I didn't mention before is why NVidia seems to be more affected despite EVGA making GPUs for both AMD and NVidia. It's not only due to market share, but on how and where power gets measured.

AMD measures power directly at the gates of the GPU, while NVidia measures all the incoming and outgoing electric transmissions of the card. This not only results in different ways to define the TDP or TGP of their cards, but also how fast these measurements are. IN AMD's case, they're very fast as they measure at the source and can immediately act on it, but can nontheless get overwhelmed, especially with higher clock speeds outpacing the controllers.

NVidia's way of measuring everything coming in and out of the card instead of the GPU proper is coming with a natural delay. This delay is at the source of the ramping up the fans to 100% and then dropping down again almost immediately after.

And while I have no proof, I do think that if the controller gets overwhelmed while ramping up to 100+%, it stays that way and causes the bricking of the cards unless power is cut in time.

Actually Evga doesn't make AMD GPUs, the only make Nvidia GPUs. Evga is starting to make AMD motherboards though.


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